Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to recognize a dinosaur fossil? By Candy Chiu

I had a 3 days 2 nights trip in April which took place in Kanab, Utah. This is the geology trip of finding dinosaur fossils. It is a nice and fun trip! Also, this is the first time I ever camped in Utah. Although it was hard to finish this trip, I did it!
I learned how to recognize a dinosaur fossil through this trip. Fossils are unlike usual rocks. Fossils form when the remains of animal that are trapped between rock layers and become a part of the rock sequence. There are two kinds of fossils we found in this trip. We found the tree fossils and the dinosaur fossils.

This is one of the dinosaur fossil that we found.
And this is one of the tree fossil that we found.

From what I see in the cross-section of the fossils, fossils have a higher density than rocks. For the tree fossils, it is in brown color.

This field trip is really a good chance for me to know more about dinosaurs, this extinct creature. This is really a nice trip and I will join it again if I got another chance.

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Brett and Marisha said...

I really like your blog! When I am bored this week (because I have nothing better to do), I am going to read all of the articles. I forgot how much I liked Geology, and I am very excited to go through it! :)