Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sea Stacks

Something that may be hard to believe is that one point in time a sea covered parts of Utah. While on the trip I got to experience first hand that when people say that, they really aren't lying to you. I know at first this may be a hard concept to grasp, I mean I was there, but there is proof of it right in the canyon.

On the second day of the trip, we traveled through the Lodore Formation, the Madison Limestone, the Morgan Formation, and the Weber Sandstone. Compared to the first day, this was a lot more exciting because the first day we mostly saw the Unita Mountain Group. Although we saw lots of cool faults and disconformities, the sea stacks were something that really stuck in my brain. The sea stacks were created during isolation, while being attacked by waves of the ocean that was once there. The water carved and eroded the sea stacks into the sides of the shore that was also once there, which was composed of the Uinta Mountain Group. The sand was deposited around the sea stacks, eventually covering them. This sand became the Lodore Formation. This proves that there was once a sea. I know, still hard to believe, but it is very true and apparent that it really was there.

This is also another one of those sites that you'll want to see. It definitely made the trip that much more interesting and if you don't belive me about the sea, you'll have to check it out yourself :)

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